Connect your hotel direct to MANY Tour Operators

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Loading rates and tacticals directly into the portal or via XML from your system to many Tour Operators will instantly ensure your offers are live for sale. Dynamic, fluid contracting in the hands of the hotelier.


Nexus produces a full online contract for instant release to many Tour Operators by PDF cutting out the need to raise further paperwork.


Manage your room inventory by date, room type, contract type to maximise your ADR and sales, last rooms availability. Ensure your rooms are on sale all the time.

Speed to Market

Nexus allows hoteliers to connect to many Tour Operators directly speeding your route to all sales channels and customers.

Connect to NEXUS via an online portal or a full XML into your Customer reservation system or Property management system

Cut out the channel manager or third party bed banks and ensure your hotel is directly connected to one of the world’s largest tour operators.

Nexus can deliver you a portal, connect to your existing system or build a bespoke XML into your system.

All allowing you to connect directly to many Tour Operators.