NEXUS Overview

NEXUS is an online portal giving the ability to hotels to load rates and inventory directly into the Tour Operator system. Our innovative and web based solution allows hotels to distribute their product globally via the many Host to Host connections within NEXUS. NEXUS is a portal for hotels who do not require our full Central Reservation System, but are seeking an efficient way to increase distribution and revenue.

NEXUS currently has XML connection capability which will be expanded to cover the key systems used by worldwide hotels. NEXUS delivers an easy to use hotel interface for both auto and manual management of rates, contracts and inventory to a number of distribution channels.

NEXUS gives all HOTELS the ability to load rates, inventory LIVE into the online selling system via an online portal direct to the UK's Travel Trade.

XML Features

The XML module in NEXUS allows for straight forward integration to distribution partners. The XML allows for rate/inventory searches, making bookings, as well as booking retrieval and cancellations. All details of each room type are available on the XML including breakdowns of taxes, special offers, supplements and property images & descriptions which can be used directly on consumer facing websites. The NEXUS XML specification allows for clear integration by 3rd parties.

nexus graphic

Rate Loading

Loading rates and tactical directly into the portal will instantly ensure your offers are live for sale. Dynamic, fluid contracting in the hands of the hotelier.

  • Real time rate loading
  • Loading can be via multiple devices, on the go and even at a Trade show!
  • Unlike most connections all offers are supported
  • Discount percentages, value offers, free nights, overrides, meal plans
  • Optional supplements
  • Child, Youth rates, FREE children
  • Weddings & Honeymoons
  • Extras, excursions, seaplanes etc.


Manage your rooms by date, room type, contract type to maximize your ADR and sales, last rooms availability. Ensure your rooms are on sale all the time.

  • Supports Allocation
  • Supports Free sell
  • Supports Sell & Report functionality
  • Manages room inventory by day, room type or contract type
  • Real-time closeout
  • Open inventory management
  • Last minute last room inventory management

Efficiencies and Speed to Market

NEXUS produces a full online contract for instant release to Tour Operators by PDF cutting out the need to raise further paperwork. NEXUS allows hoteliers to connect to Tour Operators directly speeding your route to all sales channels and customers

  • NEXUS is a cloud based solution giving access anywhere anytime
  • Rates instantly available in the Tour Operators system
  • Tactical distribution within minutes
  • Consumer pricing updated immediately


Caching can be enabled for distribution partners depending on their requirements and configuration. Generally, we specify a caching window during low periods where the partner can query the system and build a daily cache to power various products which require instant user interface feedback.

Connecting Real-time

The hotel can manage closeouts by room type and date - allowing for quick and easy control of inventory. The hotel can also manage rates and special offers 24/7 and these will be reflected live to the client through NEXUS.

Stats and Tracking Bookings

NEXUS offers a variety of stats including rooming lists, bookings & cancellation statistics by day, week and month. There are revenue reports available on demand and all statistics can be accessed on demand by the hotel and exported to excel for further analysis. Bookings are tracked inside NEXUS by a unique book-ing reference. When the distribution partner makes a booking the booking data is confirmed in NEXUS via XML.

Connecting to your Property Management System

NEXUS can integrate with various PMS/CRS systems (e.g. Opera, IQWare etc.) to allow for bookings to be directly entered. This will allow for even more automation and efficiency, eliminating the need for manual entry by the hotel.

Data Security

All rates, offer and inventory data are stored in an encrypted storage vault. While the feed endpoint will share the same URL, the data will be pulled in from separate databases. For all 3rd party data stored on disk in the database, 256-bit AES encryption is used with a secure private key to ensure that all data stored is only available to authorized access.