NEXUS Host to Host Integrations

Host to Host (H2H) integrations to one or many Third Party Suppliers, complementing your directly contracted products, giving you greater reach and variety, adding value to your offer.

Connections to external suppliers are known as Host to Host or H2H integrations. The process is performed dynamically and transparently for the user, through Experience Engine technology. Consumers can be offered various supplier connections, simultaneously, and Experience Engine technology will dynamically filter the results according to parameters set by your company. We constantly increase the number of connections to new suppliers, with over 100 already in our Portfolio.

Unlike “white label” solutions, where the client is in fact the client of your Supplier, not your own, since the details on each client do not reside in your Data Base, but reside on the Data Base of the Supplier, with Host to Host connectivity you keep control over the details of each buyer.

  • Complement the products from your own inventory with all kinds of products and services supplied by external suppliers, through XML interfaces developed by Experience Engine.

  • Offer your customers a wider variety of services, and greater reach in destinations offered to your customer that, until now, were impossible to manage from a single site.

  • Combine the products offered by external providers with products that your company has contracted directly.

  • Seamlessly, your customers will not see the difference between your inventory and that of the suppliers connected.