Marketing hotels using electronic distribution channels is a chance and challenge at the same time. Never before has there been such a wide range of possibilities for placing offers on the global market: online booking machines, central reservation systems (CRS), global distribution systems (GDS), multi-channel managers and internet distribution systems (IDS).

Finding the most effective and profitable distribution channels for a specific hotel type in a particular destination – by provider and number of channels – belongs to the most important issues for a sustainable online success. It is particularly important to strategically choose the “right” distribution channels and, at the same time, to limit effort and costs for the company.

NEXUS can support all your connections to the world of online booking. The main principle of NEXUS is managing data and reservations centrally and in real time. That means you maintain your data and rates in NEXUS while WE manage the distribution.

Key benefits of our solutions

  • You can push the limits of your organization by taking advantage of state-of-the-art software solutions.
  • Improve operational efficiency in your enterprise, maximize your profits on Sales, and therefore, optimize your return on Investment.
  • By automating many everyday business processes, we free your staff to perform more productive activities.
  • We can adapt our solutions to the needs of your company.
  • We can offer you technological advice and consultancy services, thus becoming your strategic technology partner.
  • We can provide all the necessary business tools with which you can make better Management decisions.
  • You can manage all the business rules that you want, and deliver above average returns, simultaneously, to your B2B partners and to your Company.
  • E-mail alerts – several options of e-mail alerts for customer / agent / yourself
  • No installation required – As the system is a web based system, you don’t need to install anything, just open a browser (we support them all) and start working.
  • Integrated E-mails – Our systems are fully equipped with an e-mail server, so sending a booking to a customer is easy, just a couple of clicks.
  • Customization is the name of the game – You can control almost anything – Users, Permissions, Printing and E-mail layouts, Reporting permissions and more.
  • No limits – we don’t limit you with the quantity of users, agents, flights, bookings, customers and more.
  • BI Dashboard – a BI (business intelligence) Dashboard, where you can see the orders online, sum of all your hotel performance.
  • Integrated Google solutions – we integrate any Google solution, like Google analytics for your website, Google apps for your domain and more.